Groomed for Six at a Schooling Show Today

It was a good day, despite the fact that it absolutely lashed rain twice - but they were only showers really, and it was very warm and humid in between, so I’m not really complaining (even if it is the first show I’ve been to without my waterproof boots and, of course, it’s the first one it rains during).

I always like shows with that many horses - it’s pretty much busy the whole time, with maybe a bit of a sit-down at some point for lunch if you’re lucky. Today we got about ten minutes during the first deluge shower and that was about it - because it was a schooling show they were pretty lax on times so we worked that to our full advantage to try and be done a bit early.

As it was, I walked out of the house at 5.40am and walked back in at 6.30pm, although I should probably have walked in at 6pm - I had to get petrol and forgot that the motorway would be packed with traffic so spent about twenty minutes literally standing still in that. I hate traffic, so that was an annoying end to the day.

The horsies were all super behaved though. :) Few green moments but that’s why they were at a schooling show. Bubbles, who is lovely under saddle but a complete asshole on the ground (runs you over, tries to bite, tries to kick, tries to box, and is one of those nervy types that just gets worse if you try hitting him - he’s bloody awful at the yard, let alone with his eyes on stalks at a show) was super fun to work with (/sarcasm) but other than that they were lovely ones today, including my new favourite Tom (who I’ve sat on once but I think I’m going to post him back to Australia and have him as a paddock ornament if it turns out I can’t ride him ^_^).

We also had the lorry back, yay! It’s a six-horse with living quarters, just been done up a little, so it’s a bit fancy and awesome. :D Now we’re just waiting on the paint job!

The girl who is pretty much yard manager, whom I’m not sure if I actually have an acronym for yet (shall we call her PMYM for the moment? Yes, yes we shall) came back from interrailing today, and it was lovely sitting there in the afternoon after we’d unloaded the lorry, me and FSK and her, and no Yanks, and it just felt like the dynamic I’d gotten used to here and it was wonderful. Ireland really does agree with me.

We’ve got the Dublin Horse Show next week with a couple of entries, which should be awesome, and FSK was talking today about PMYM potentially going more into the admin side of things for RB and the New Boss, which would leave me as the new Pretty-Much-Yard-Manager, which is kinda hella exciting. I will try and keep you posted with how things are going, and try to be a bit less lazy about updating this - now I’m mostly over the Sickness I think that should help!

  • External CD drive manual: "Insert USB driver disk into floppy disk drive."
  • Me: "You want me to ~WHAT?!"
  • Part Time Guy at Work: Oh, god. Oh no. No!
  • Me: What's wrong?
  • Part Time Guy: Someone just added me in a group chat. Look at the notifications already. Look at them!

"could it be that everything goes round by chance?
or only one way that it was always meant to be?
you kill me
you always know the perfect thing to say
i know what i should do but i just can’t walk away…

oh god please don’t tell me this has been in vain
i need answers for what all the waiting i’ve done means
you kill me
you’ve got some nerve but can’t face your mistakes
i know what i should do but i just can’t turn away…

i can’t help it baby this is who i am
sorry but i can’t just go turn off how i feel
you kill me
you build me up but just to watch me break,
i know what i should do but

A message from Anonymous
your fav childhood memory?

Not paying bills


this is accuracy on a whole new level

Accidentally got quite drunk while having a going-away dinner for the Yank, oops.

In my defence, RHTSG was there and I’m not gonna miss an opportunity to get drunk with him, girlfriend or not.

Ugh I’m so pathetic.


Do you ever become so aware of being alive? It happens to me in the most random moments and I’m like wow I am a human being living this life and I make my own decisions and live the way I want to and I think that’s extraordinary.

A message from Anonymous
i'm sure you don't mean to, but you're kind of implying that everyone must eat meat to be healthy. i for one physically cannot digest meat, it's just how things are. not everyone's bodies are the same, and not everyone can eat meat, just like not everyone can have dairy, peanuts, etc. :)

I did point out that you don’t have to eat meat to be healthy, probably got lost in my frustration… My overall message is that meat provides nutrients we NEED but as long as you replace that, you will be healthy. I’m so sorry for seeming so rude about it lately but when people attack me and say I’m killing animals because I eat meat I get very emotional.


Hello hi I am vegetarian that doesn’t eat eggs or dairy and I am v healthy without supplements

I think the OP probably meant replacing the nutrients with other foods. :)


Fuck boys am I right ladies

Too right

11 was a racehorse
22 was 12
1111 race