It’s kind of funny getting ‘in the know’ reports from WEG, certainly puts a different spin on things!

I think I know more about the Irish eventing team than I wanted to. ;)

I think the most important, best thing I’ve learnt on my journey with horses this past year and a bit (most important to me, anyway), is how much even the top competitors of this sport love their horses still.

Okay, sure, there’s professionals out there that just treat them like animals, and I understand to some degree you can’t pour all your love into them all the time, but they still have real partnerships.

It’s seeing the rich kid who could have anything kiss his 3* horse on the nose.

It’s seeing the WEG rider feeding her horse a treat as she says goodnight.

It’s all these photos of top riders kissing, hugging, doting upon their partners.

I love it.

Unpopular opinion (maybe?)


I am glad y’all want to ride around tackless and aspire to do all of the GP tricks without tack but I would rather go win at something like WEG or the Olympics or score like an 80% in the ring.

I can see why this would be unpopular but… somebody gets me. ;)

Y’know it’s a bit weird looking back that I just had to accept that you’d “always want to live in the same city as” your man-child 28yo best friend, but when we were breaking up you cited my wanting to always have horses as a reason it ‘wouldn’t work’.

Men are weird, man.

Rode Two Today

(and was actually kind of stoked when I was going through the list with the New Boss and he was like, ‘Train, he can hack… No actually you know what, you can flat him’. ^_^ Finally getting some real riding hours!)

I took a newish, older horse (Lanyard) on a hack - the only good thing about hacking over here is, unlike what it typically is in America, it’s not synonomous with ‘walking’ over here. So we went around the large circuit with KTV, bit of trot and canter except for when we ran into people; Lanyard isn’t exactly the fittest horse so that was good for him! He’s actually quite nice, 6yo so he’s done a bit more than the majority of the horses, and he wwnt along happily on the bit. He was just a bit strong in a few places - kind of bullish, pulling with his down - but as he’d been locked inside for three or so days beforehand I think that was just him being fresh.

Then I flatted the Train. :) He’s actually going really well - nowhere near as heavy and leaning as he was when he first came. He’s also really willing and tries really hard to do what you want, which I think makes up for a flashy performance, especially in an amatuer’s horse (which I think he’d be perfectly suited to). He was a bit stiff on the right today, sort of wanting to drift out his left shoulder, so I used a little counterbend to stop him and worked on getting him off my right leg. It didn’t take him long to lighten off, and he was actually nice and light in my hand the whole time.

I really like flatting him too cuz his way of going forces me to sit against him or not get any decent work out of him - which is great for me cuz that’s the number one thing I need to work on in dressage, not sort of leaning forward and ‘perching’. So I worked on thinking about engaging my abs and keeping my shoulders open and I think I did alright!

Train can get a little preoccupied with bending at the canter and not really go anywhere, so it was a bit of counterbend for that too, with single circles and then straight lines, and then I did a few spiral circles to try and get his inside hind underneath him so he was pushing forward. Got some stellar work out of him doing that too!

So, all in all, a successful day. :) I’m gonna try and be a little more consistent with these ‘journaly’ posts again, especially if I get some more consistent rides!

(Also, I was typing this up at work while waiting for the dentist, and halfway through one of the babies got talked into misbehaving by the older horse Jorge - they were pin-rearing at each other over the stall walls. Any the poor baby’s feet slipped out from under him and he went over, fortunately just into his nice new deep bed of straw, but it took him a while to get his feet under himself and when he finally stood he was shaking and his heart was beating so fast, poor thing. Frightened the absolute crap out of himself. When I was sure he was fine I couldn’t stop laughing, it was so funny. :D Hopefully that’ll teach him not to be sucked into Jorge’s games! :D)


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Does anybody else see ghost-Pacman in that eye? Is that what I’m supposed to be seeing? I’m so confused.


If you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.

Does anybody else see ghost-Pacman in that eye? Is that what I’m supposed to be seeing? I’m so confused.

Had a good meeting with the New Boss yesterday. Established that I should be getting more riding, hopefully a little bit of a raise (!), and even spoke honestly about a couple little issues with the workmates which they totally understood and were supportive about. Not to mention some discussion about where I’m headed in the future. ^_^

Look at me, practically adulting! ;)

Or, or, or, a skinny-necked unclipped $16,000 horse, also with dangly knees (to the point I don’t think the forearm is horizontal in any of the many pictures included in the ad).

Really, guys? Really?

When it’s an ad for a $30,000 8yo and you include a photo of it jumping from a deep spot with terribly uneven, dangly knees and an XC photo of it cantering through water, I actually want to punch you in the face.

Instead I just laugh and think that maybe I should become a horse marketing advisor (there’d be hella business in Australia).